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Pet therapy can be practiced in the form of:

- Individual

- Band

- Group with individual visit to the rooms

Number of individuals

The number of individuals per groupmust be of25 people maximum, otherwise you have to make several groups or take scrolling mode.

If you exceed this number per group, we may refuse to do the activity or charge you for more.additional costs per person added. 

Do you say also that 25 animals are freeur people at the same time, this therefore requires a lot of management and monitoring for the facilitators.

In case of severe disability, it is recommended to form groups of onemaximum of 12 people.

The animators

Depending on your choice, the animators can be dressed in civilian or pirate.

During the holidays, it is possible for our animators to wear Christmas hats.

The number of facilitators vary according to the number of participating individuals.

Between 2-4 animators

Animal selection

Our birds are selected before our departure.

There is also another selection made on site according to several criteria:

- Is the individual afraid of movements?

- Is this one afraid of sounds?

- Is this one afraid of bright colors?

- Is this one afraid of big parrots?

- Others

No guarantee on the choice of animals brought on site, but you can still make your requests.

Animal handling

Our strength: Each individual has an animal on him.

A rotation of birds is regularly done by our team.

This allows you to have a wonderful experience with several species. 

Our visit makes it possible to elicit reactions aimed at maintaining or improving cognitive, physical, psychological or social potential. A beautiful moment that makes them forget everything around them (pain, grief, loneliness, etc.).

We usually bring more than 25 birds of all kinds.

What is required

Ideally 2 large tables

1-2 bins

Chairs for participants who need them

Place the chairs in a semi-circle in front of the tables.

Free parking near the front door for a promoter truck.

What is reWhos, room plan and rules

An indoor room (ideally at theground floor if possible of course and without carpet)

2-3 bigs-tables

1-2 bins

Chairs for participants who need them

Place the chairs in a semi-circle in front of the tables or in a row with central space and space between the rows for good movement of the facilitators.

The room must be set up before our arrival. 

Walkershave to be as soon as possible packed away or put in a corner of the room. 

We ask you to put the brakes on wheelchairs for the duration of the activity, so that users do not rollcontinually during the activity for the safety of the animators and the animals.

All stakeholders and staff must not manage the animals, only the users.

They do not know our animals, their reaction and howinteract for the safety of the user and the animal. 

These must not interfere with the interventions of our team.

They can take photos at any time and we strongly encourage you to do so.

The team may at any time require:

- direct the air conditioning to another direction

- stop ventilation (for animal safety)

- remove a person who shows signs of violence

- take out a sick person (flu-like or infectious signs)

Especially in the winter season, we have to unload animals and equipment quickly. We need to have quick access. To help us, if you have transport trolleys, these will be very useful to us.

Free parking near the front door for a Dodge Promaster 2500 truck.

In case of parking fees, you must reimburse our driver for his fees before he leaves.

A person in charge must be present at all times during the activity in the room, in order to supervise the users. If there is no manager in the room at the start time, we will delay the start until someone in charge arrives. The activity will not be extended, since it is your responsibility. 

Aménagement de salle

Food allergy

For people with peanut food allergies and with nuts, you must inform the animators before the start of the activity.


Theycan still take some birds that do not eat it in their daily diet (dove, lovebird, cockatiels, conures, etc.).

Since the beginning of our activities, there have never been any cases. 

This is purely for prevention.


Civil and bodily liability with Co-Operators.

Inform yourself, because often animal animation or pet therapy companies do not have the bodily liability part. In the event of a dispute, your home insurance not knowing the risk factor and will not want to deal with the situation.


For our part, you have nothing to worry about, because we have both!

Long distance:

We can travel anywhere in the province of Quebec (see details in the middle of the home page).

However, distance charges apply (wear and tear on the vehicle, gas and time of the animators on the road). Fees for contractual losses (see completely bottom of this page) may apply if we lose the day in transport for less than 3 hours of activity. 


Transport costs must be paid 48 hours in advance

- Bank transfer. OR (418) 906-3206

   Questions: (Enter the date of your activity with the name of the organization)

   Answer: 2012

- Credit card via invoice square by email (safe)

   3% fee for this payment method

The rest of the amount by institute check or cash on site to our animators.

Outdoor activity:

Outdoor activities are from June 23 to September 1 inclusively. 

You must have:

- a tent or marquee with all the outline and roof.

  These must be anchored securely to the ground.

  In case of strong wind or storm, you must have an indoor solution.

  No postponement in case of bad weather.

It is always possible to rent one ($).

The outside temperature should be 18 degreesCelsius and more.

Contract Loss Fee ($):

In case of long distance only, a contract loss charge may be added. 

thatis a contract loss fee?

When you book less than 3 hours of activity and there are several hours of road there and back. NOTWe still have to book time slots monopolizing half a day to a full day in our booking diary. This therefore prevents us from booking several activities during the day and by the same token this causes a potential loss of income. 

For more than 2 hours round trip

Less than 1h29 of activity = $250.00 fee 

Between 1h30 and 1h59 of activity = $200.00 fee

Between 2h00 and 2h29 of activity = $150.00 fee

Between 2h30 and 2h59 of activity = $50.00-$100.00 fee

For more than 4 hours round trip and less than 3 hours of activity = $350.00 fee

Our prices:

Our prices vary according to several factors

We regularly offer discounts to organizations.

- Number of participants / Number of groups

  (adults and children included)

- Postal code of the place of the event

  (calculates mileage)

- Duration

  (minimum 1 hour)

- Other services

- Other requests

Special agreement (Additional discounts) 

for several activities (minimum of 3) in 1 year.

  It is possible to make special agreements for several activities over a period of one year from the first selected date of activity. The next activities (number determined in the agreement) can be decided during the 365 days. A Services Agreement will be issued to you to enter into our Agreement. The terms of each activity must be similar (duration, number of groups, etc.).

10% per session (12 sessions in 1 year)

15% per session (24 sessions in 1 year)

20% per session (minimum 36 sessions in 2 years)

Discount offered on the regular price of sessions.

The discount is not applicable on shipping costs.

Contrat 1 an Perroquet Pirate

Our other services ($):

- Decor

  (small to very large decor)

- Pictures

  We can photograph individuals

  1 photo (4x6) per person

  1 photo (8x10) 1 per group

  or others according to demand

  These are returned to you by post.

  For small groups, it is possible to print the photos (4x6) on site.

- Treasure hunt

  (depending on the individual, to be evaluated with you)

  With or without gifts provided

- Promotional items

   (Pirate ring, pirate bracelet, toucan pendant, eye  pirates, etc.)

              List of gifts: 

Objets promotionnels Perroquet Pirate
Objet promotionnels Perroquet Pirate
Objets promotionnels Perroquet Pirate

Payment method: 

Directly on site to our animators

- Cash

- Institute check

    (personal checks are refused for an individual)

24 hours in advance

- Bank transfer OR (418) 906-3206

   Question: (date of the event and your name/organisation)

   Answer: 2012

- Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

   via square billing by email (secure)

    A 3% fee applies on transactions by this method

CHSLD: Special agreement

30 days net free of charge after the date of the event. After this period, an administrative fee of 2% per month applies.

Gift Certificate:

Gift certificates are applicable.

You must let us know before invoicing.

If the gift certificate is physical and not virtual, you must give it to the presenters.

Virtual: Purchase of services and promotional items

Physical: Purchase of services only.



You must notify us 72 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged for the entire activity, except in the event of a major storm. 

Zoothérapie Perroquet Pirat

Seniors' residence


To entertain lonely people

autonomous or semi-autonomous

or not autonomous

Zoothérapie Perroquet Pirate

Specialized center

Our visit allows us to elicit reactions aimed at maintaining or improving  cognitive, physical, psychological or social potential. It also allows them to have a moment allowing them to forget everything around them (pain, pain, loneliness, etc.)

Zoothéapie Perroquet Pirate

End of life


In order to forget for a moment (the pain, the pain, the loneliness)

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