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School - CPE - Private daycare - Day camp

School, CPE, Private daycare, Day camp:

5+ age group

- Maximum of 25 children 

   If you believe you exceed this number, contact us for evaluation

2-4 year old age group

- Maximum of 15 children (except school, established school group)

  If you believe you exceed this number, contact us for evaluation

Age group between 6 months and 2 years

- These must be mixed through the other groups. Maximum of 3-5 children through each group. This requires more supervision from the facilitators.

Even a very young child can be very receptive and stimulated by activity. It really depends on the personality of the child.

The duration

The duration of our activities is a minimum of one hour for a trip.

For schools, CPE, Day camp nwe recommend

- between 30 minutes to 1 hour per group of 5 years and over 

- 30 minutes per group pfor children from 2 to 4 years old

We can make yousuggestwere schedule with prices for durations of 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour per group. Depending on your budget, you can therefore see what best suits your establishment. For schools, you must provide us with your daily school schedule so that we can build your quote. Specify whether we must yes or norespect  recreation time (this can allow us to make more groups and reduce the bill).

Our team must remain in the same room throughout the activity.

You can plan a 45-minute lunch break for an activity lasting more than 4 hours.

If you exceed 45 minutes, the time will then be charged, since our team must remain on site with the animals. 

The animators

Depending on your choice, the animators can be dressed as civilians or pirates or with a Christmas hat.

The number of animators varies according to the number of individuals present for the activities and the number of groups. The number of facilitators needed is judged by us at all times.

Most of the time:

Family daycare: 1-2 animators

School, CPE, Day camp: 2-3 animators


Take note: It is not the role of the animators to discipline and supervise the children. Their roles consist of supervising the animals on the children and giving a service

caring, friendly, educational and safe.



Selection of animals 

Our birds are selected before our departure (according to their mood at the moment)

No guarantee on the choice of birds.

It is still possible to make your requests, we will try to respect them.

During activity: 

If an animal is tired or its mood has changed, the animal will be put to rest. It is essential for us to ensure the safety of children and animals. It is essential to respect the animal.

Activity: Handling parrots and educational component

Each child has an animal permanently on him if he wishes.

He is never forced to handle animals

A rotation of the birds is done a few times by our team, in order to give them a wonderful experience with different species.

A fun activity to explore the world of exotic birds in a safe and educational way.

The animators will give useful information on birds such as: food, species, education on handling them,   dangers, anatomy, etc.

The facilitators will also answer all their questions during the allotted time.

We usually bring more than 25 birds of all kinds.

Our great strength is that everyone can have an animalon him at the same time during the activity.

Note that our educational activities are inFrench only

On our website, go to the tab:

Educational component 

Here you will find educational activities created by us

Non-Commercial Use Only

2-5 years

6-12 years old

12 years and over



I am learning english words

This section of the website has been made to promote the development of children before or after our visit to your establishment. They help develop the senses: motor skills, memory, language, etc.

Rules to follow

- Teachers/educators must not give or remove animals from students.

This is the role of the facilitators. They do not know our animals, the techniques to take them back, those who get along well together, etc.

There are techniques so as not to frighten the children or hurt them when we place the bird on them. Facilitators know these and their reaction.

- Teachers/educators can take pphotos during the activity, but this without harming the animators. They must also constantly look on the ground when moving in case a bird has been on the ground. 

- Teachers/educators must maintain silence and discipline when facilitators give information.

- A responsible adult must always stay with his group. If he has to leave, it's only for 2-3 minutes. It is not the role of the animators to supervise children who are totally unknown to them for long periods. 

- Do not open the windows during our session. The room temperature must be above 18 degreesCelsius. They are tropical animals. Drafts and low temperatures can make them sick. 

Before the start of activity:

Children with physical and/or intellectual disabilities

Children who are violent or have sudden movements or tend to squeeze

Extremely fearful children

Children who do not understand French. 

It is important to discreetly report this to our facilitators.

They will be able to better intervene with their children.

Rental of premises

It is possible to do the activity in a room (municipal, private, reception hall, etc.), but you must have written permission from the establishment allowing the arrival of animals. 

The whole will protect the 2 parts. 

summer activity

Outdoor activities must be between June 23 and September 1 inclusive.

The temperature must be over 18 degrees Celsius

You must have a tent or marquee (with outlines and these are mandatory) or solarium or closed gazebo.

No postponement of the activity in case of bad weather

Materials required and layout of the sgo

Family Daycare:

a table and chairs for the children 


we always adapt to the environment and the physical space

School, CPE, Day Camp:

2-3 large tables

chairs placed in a semi-circle in front of the tables 

1-2 bins

1 free and secure parking for a truck. This parking must be close

* No large long bench and no rug, everyone must have their own chair. Also provide the right number of chairs in the room. The room must be ready when the team arrives. 

Food allergy:

For children with peanut food allergies and nuts, you must inform the facilitators before the start of the activity for each group.


Theycan still take some birds that do not eat it in their daily diet (Dove, Conures, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, etc.).

Since the beginning of our activities, there have never been any cases. 

It's all just prevention.

Other services ($):

The other services cannot be taken individually.

- Decor

   (small (class) or large (gymnasium))

- Rabbits (2)

   extremely popular as an addition to parrots

- Pictures

  We can take pictures of the children and a group picture during the activity.

  Only offered for a one-hour group

  The photos will be returned to you by post within the following week.

  Individual format (4x6) for each child

  Group format (8x10) 1 per group

  Children who do not want parrots on them can still have a picture of them.

- Gifts for children

   (Rings, pirate's eyes, doggies), depending on our availability.

- Mascot costume (Macaw)  

   Without an animator (you must find a person to act as the mascot)

   Rental is only for the duration of your event with the parrots

- Treasure hunt

   It can be supplied with or without the gifts

   We adapt to various situations

   We can do 2 hunts: with clues or objects to find.

List of gifts for children

Objets promotionnels Perroquet Pirate
Objets promotionnels Perroquet Pirate

Special agreement (with additional discounts)

for several activities (minimum of 3)

It is possible to make a special agreement for several activities over a period of one year from the first selected date of activity. The next activities (number determined in the agreement) can be decided during the 365 days. A service contract will be issued to you to conclude our agreement.  

5% per session (3-6 sessions in 1 year)

10% per session (12 sessions in 1 year)

15% per session (24 sessions in 1 year)

20% per session (minimum 36 sessions in 2 years)

Discount offered on the regular price of the sessions.

Contrat Perroquet Pirate

Long distance event:

We can go all over the province of Quebec.

Transportation costs apply (wear and tear of the vehicle, gasoline, salary of employees on the road)


You can always find another establishment wanting to do an activity with us on the same day. A quote will be made for the 2 establishments. If the whole thing is feasible, we can then divide the cost of transport between the 2 parts. The distance between the 2 establishments should not exceed 10-15 minutes. It should not last a long time between each activity so as not to make the animators and animals wait in the vehicle.

You will have to pay the transport costs 48 hours in advance .

The rest of the amount on site to our animators or others (see payment method).


Our prices

Our prices vary according to several factors:

- Number of participants / number of groups

- Postal code of the place of the event

  (mileage calculation)

- Duration

  (minimum 1h00)

- Additional services

- Others

Payment method:

Toll-free zone (see map on home page)

On site to our animators

- In cash

- By certified or institutional check (Personal check not accepted)

24 hours in advance

- Bank transfer OR (418) 906-3206 or ask for account number

   Question: (date of the event and your name)

   Answer: 2012

-Visa, MasterCard, American Express

  Invoice with square by email (secure)

  3% fee applies by this payment method

Outside the toll-free area (see homepage map)

48 hours in advance

-Bank transfer

  (Ask us for information)

-Visa, MasterCard, American Express

   Invoice with Square by email (secure)

   3% fee applies for this payment method

School and school daycare: 


Net 30 days after invoice date applies, after which an administrative fee of 2% per month applies.

Outside the area toll-free (see map on homepage)

Take note:Transport costs are payable 48 hours before the date of the event. You will therefore have 2 invoices. A transportation fee invoice and an activity fee invoice.

If you cannot or do not wish to pay the transport costs 48 hours in advance as requested, an administrative fee of $50.00 applies.

Gift Certificate:

These are applicable. 

Virtual: Purchase of services and promotional items

Physical: Purchase of services only.

Contract Loss Fee ($):

In case of long distance only , contract loss charges may be added.  

What is a contract loss charge?

When you book less than 3 hours of activity and there are several hours of road there and back, we still have to book time slots monopolizing half a day to a full day in our booking schedule. This therefore prevents us from booking several activities during the day and by the same token this causes a potential loss of income.  

For more than 2 hours round trip

Less than 1h29 of activity = $250.00 fee (maximum)

Between 1h30 and 1h59 of activity = $200.00 fee

Between 2h00 and 2h29 of activity = $150.00 fee

Between 2h30 and 2h59 of activity = $50.00-$100.00 fee

Garderie privée et Garderie en milieu famliale Perroquet Pirate

Private daycare

Family daycare

Ideally 6 months and over

CPE Perroquet Pirate


Ideally 6 months and over

École Perroquet Pirate


For all ages

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