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with parrots

Many household products are poisonous and even fatal for parrots.

These often have smells.

Parrots are extremely fragile from a respiratory point of view.  

It is essential to learn to clean differently when we have a parrot or a bird.

In general: 1-2 drops of odorless original palmolive + 2-3 caps of vinegar in hot water.

See our page on warnings.  

Do not use your oven self-cleaner (deadly)

When you leave the dishwasher do not come close with your bird during its operation. (Toxic and deadly vapor)

Do not use an odor sprayer (lethal)

Beware of leaving a window open to ventilate the room.

The draft can be deadly for your parrot

Air quality advice:

If you have: Cockatoo, African Gray, Cockatiel, Orange-winged Amazon, Dove, etc.

Birds producing powder on their plumage.

(If you are not sure if it produces powder on its plumage, take a small piece of black cloth and run it over its plumage (without scaring it). If it has white, you tighten that this one produces and a lot or not.)

Use an air purifier in the room where your parrot is

Do not use one with ION function (lethal).  

One with HEPA filter.

The draft produced by the machine must not be in the direction of the bird.

It will help a lot in cleaning your house.

It will help your lungs and  especially not to develop lung diseases.

Clean the filter regularly

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