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For Birthday:

- Children

- Adults

- of marriage


Family party at home

Private party with friends

The animators

Depending on your choice, the animators can be dressed as civilians or as pirates.

The number of animators varies according to the number of individuals present at the party.

Please note: Animators are not babysitters. You must have an adult present with them at all times to supervise them. 

Selection of animals

Our birds are selected before our departure (according to their mood at the moment)

No guarantee on the choice of birds.

It is still possible to make your requests, we will try to respect them.

Animal selection

Our birds are selected before our departure (according to their mood at the present moment)

No guarantee on the choice of birds.

It is still possible to make your requests, we will try to respect them.

How the party unfolds


A memorable party for all.

We do not offer a parrot show, but the manipulation of them by everyone!

They are not trained to do acrobatics like in zoos or speak on demand

Almost everyone has an animal with them all the time, only if they want to.

  (except in exceptional cases, for example a very large group).

The birds are rotated regularly by our team, in order to give them a wonderful experience with different species.

You can take photos without any problem.

The animators will be happy to answer all your questions during the activity.

We usually bring more than a dozen birds of all kinds. From very big to small.

The team always arrives 15-20 minutes early to settle in. This time is not part of the activity. 

Rules and conditions


All pets must be either:

- Leash

- In cage

- In another room

A few hours before our arrival:

- Do not clean your floors or others with household products that smell

- Do not leave depending on odor sprayers

- Do not start your oven by self-cleaning

- Do not cook with a T-Fal pan

- Do not burn scented candles or  incense

all her things are harmful  for the health of parrots.

During our presence:

- No drone

- No games of balloons in the environment where the birds are

- No food or drink for guests handling parrots.

- 1 adult must imperatively supervise the children

  Take note: the animators are not babysitters, but animal animators

- Normal ambient temperature and without drafts.

- No laser

- Do not drive with  balloons

- Do not run

- Do not scream

In the animation room:

Please avoid putting balloons. If these explode, it will scare the animals very much.

You can take pictures without any problem throughout our presence, but without hindering the work of the animators.

Rental of premises

We do not have premises.

It is possible to party in a local (municipal, private, reception hall, etc.), but you must have written permission from the establishment allowing the arrival of animals.  

The whole will protect the 2 parts.

It is your responsibility to find a room.

Outdoor activity

From June 23 to September 1 inclusively

You must have:

- a tent or marquee with outlines.

   These must be securely inked to the ground.  

   In the event of a strong wind or thunderstorm, you must have an alternative indoor solution.

- Solarium (but with suitable temperature) or covered gallery with outlines

It must be over 18 degrees Celcius.

No postponement in case of bad weather.

Food allergy

  For people who have peanut food allergies.

You must inform the facilitators before the start of the activity.

They can still take some birds that do not eat it in their daily diet.

Since the start of our activities, no reaction from our customers. This is a simple precaution.

If you take the rabbit option, consider checking for allergies. Many people are allergic to body hair.

Long distance

We travel all over the province of Quebec (see the middle of the home page for more information).

For long distances transport costs are added (wear and tear, gasoline and time of the animators on the road). Contractual loss costs may be added if we lose the day in transport for 1 to 2 hours of entertainment.

The total payment of the holiday must then be made 48 hours in advance by bank transfer.

Bank transfer: OR (418) 906-3206

Question: (Date of the event and your name)

Response: 2012

Other services ($):

- Decor

  (little to big)

- Gifts for children

   (Rings, pirate's eyes, doggies), depending on our availability.

List of children's gifts: 

Objet promotionnels Perroquet Pirate
Objets promotionnels Perroquet Pirate
Objets promotionnels Perroquet Pirate

Our prices:

Applies only to birthdays private, family daycare

Our rates vary depending on several factors:

- Number of participants

  (adults and children included)

- Postal code of the event location

  (Calculate mileage)

- Duration

  (minimum 1 hour)

- Other services


Our prices startfrom:

      265.00$ all inclusive / 1h00

              Between 1-10 people in total present

       $290.00 all inclusive / 1h00 

              from 11 to 15 people in total present

       $320.00 all inclusive / 1 hour 

              16 to 20 people in total present

        $350.00 all inclusive / 1 hour

              from 21 to 25 people in total present

In the toll-free area (see middle of the home page)

With 2 facilitators

for more than 25 people, 1 facilitator can be added.

Other prices available upon request for quote, depending on the variables above.

Distance charges may apply (see information in the middle of our home page).

Contractual loss fees may apply below 3 hours of activity and several hours

of roads.

Winter season10.00$ more added: October / November / Decemberre / January / February / March / April

$25.00 for long distance (More than 1h30road)


In case of extreme cold: the eventmaybecanceled or postponed, all without penalty.

Payment method:

Free zone

(see middle of home page for information)

Directly on site to our animators

- Cash

- Certified check (no personal check accepted)

24 hours in advance

- Bank transfer / Interact OR (418) 906-3206

   Question: (date of the event and your name)

   Response: 2012

- Visa, Mastercard, American Express

   Invoice by email with square (secure)  

   3% fee applies by this payment method

Long distance zone

48 hours in advance

- Bank transfer / Interact OR (418) 906-3206

   Question: (date of the event and your name)

   Response: 2012

- Visa, Mastercard, American Express

  Invoice by email with square (secure)

  3% fees apply for this payment method

Gift Certificate

Gift certificates are applicable, but you must let us know before payment.

If these are physical and not virtual, you must give it to the facilitators during the activity.

Virtuals: Purchase of services and promotional items

Physics: Purchase of services only.




Civil and personal liability with Co-Operators.

Inform yourself, because often the animal animation companies do not have the bodily injury liability part. In the event of a dispute, your home insurance policies do not know the risk factor and  will not want to deal with the situation.


For our part, you have no worries, because we have both!


You must notify us 72 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged the full cost.


It is best to book at least 72 hours in advance.

We can take your reservations up to 1 year in advance. It is recommended to make your reservations as soon as possible, in order to have the date and time you want.

Contract Loss Fee ($):

In case of long distance only , contract loss charges may be added.  

What is a contract loss charge?

When you book less than 3 hours of activity and there are several hours of road there and back, we still have to book time slots monopolizing half a day to a full day in our booking diary. This therefore prevents us from booking several activities during the day and by the same token this causes a potential loss of income.  

For more than 2 hours round trip

Less than 1h29 of activity = $250.00 fee (maximum)

Between 1h30 and 1h59 of activity = $200.00 fee

Between 2h00 and 2h29 of activity = $150.00 fee

Between 2h30 and 2h59 of activity = $50.00-$100.00 fee

Fête d'enfants Perroquet Pirate

Children's party

Anniversaire de mariage Perroquet Pirate

Anniversary of


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