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Telephone: (418) 906-3206

Information about our services
Submission form:

- Bank transfer
helps us buy what the animals need every day and what
  from our specialized suppliers at lower prices.
- Fresh food box in Flashfood

(see instructions below)
- Materials or other
(see instructions below)
  Talk about us around you
Submission: see contact page

Faire un don Perroquet Pirate
Faire un don Perroquet Pirate
Bank transfer
Allows us to buy the specific items for each breed that they need every day from our suppliers at a lower price.
Basic mold according to the species, accessories (perch, toy, etc.), fresh fruits and vegetables, cleaning products, care products, etc.

This is really the best way to help us. OR (418) 906-3206
Question: Donation
Answer: 2012

flash food
Flashfood is an application that allows you to buy food with an almost due date in different supermarkets.

The branches to order and which is easy to access for us:
- Maxi Louis XIV
- Provigo the Eric Renaud Market
- Maxi Lebourgneuf
- Maxi Fleur de Lys
-Maxi d'Estimauville
- Maxi Beauport

Please do not order elsewhere
Please order a minimum of 2 boxes (to be worth the trip) and a maximum of 4 (otherwise there is a lack of physical space)
Do not order bananas (We lose them too quickly and cause fruit flies)

Write to us:
Please let us know before purchasing to see if we can
- go and collect the donation quickly
- have the physical place in our refrigerators.

Materials or other
If you have material to donate that you think might be of interest to us, please contact us:

Our regular needs:
- Pet-safe wooden rips (for our 4 ducks)
- Hay (in box or bag) for the 4 ducks
- Wooden box (no glue, no paint, precise wood species (see our page on toxic woods in parrot information)

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