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Scream (voice) parrots

Puissance de cries en décibels des Perroquets

It is essential to be informed before acquiring  a parrot.

Especially if:

- you have children

- you live in accommodation

- you have frequent headaches, etc.

A parrot (small or large) can cry extremely loudly. Sometimes it can even be inexhaustible and do so for a long time.


The tolerance of the human ear is 90 decibels.  

For your information, elements that are not on the graph:

- Thunderclap 130 db

- Rock concert 110 db approximately

- 70-90 db mower

- Vacuum cleaner 70 db

Those who are not in the graph:

Lorikeet = 90 db

Quaker = 113 db

Eclectus = 115 db

African Gray = 89 db

Amazon = between 100-124 db


Exposure time before damage

- Between 120-140 db

Only a few seconds

- 107 db

1 minute / per day

-101 db

4 minutes / per day

-95 db

15 minutes / per day

-92 db

30 minutes / per day 

-86 db

2h00 / per day

To know

The pistol shrimp has a special large clamp which when it clicks it produces a hydrodynamic cavitation bubble which implodes violently. The water temperature then rises in a brief hot spot of at least 5,000 Kelvin and a detonation of around 200 to 220 decibels. The shrimp use this weapon to break the shell of its prey and kill them.



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