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We have chosen here to answer the questions most frequently asked by those whom we have met on our journey of life. It is essential to understand that the information and statements below are based on our experience, our observations and our personal mistakes. Nothing more. 

Question Réponse sur les perroquets

Question 1

How much does a parrot cost and should I get one?

Coût perroquet

This answer will be long, but before embarking on the adventure, take 5 minutes to read these few lines.

First, the prices to acquire a parrot are very variable and this depending on several factors:

- According to the breed

- The rarity of the species

- Supply and demand at the present time

- The region 

- The age of the parrot

- How many owners he has had (especially if he is an adult)

- If you take it from a pet store (taxes will then apply)

- If you buy from a breeder

- If you buy from an individual

- The physical and mental condition of the parrot

It is therefore impossible to give a precise answer to the question: how much does a parrot cost?

On the other hand, it is easy to spend several thousand dollars for a single parrot due to the following aspects:

- Purchase price of the parrot

- Purchase price of the cage

- Food purchase price (regular)

     - molded / seed

     - fresh fruits / vegetables

- Purchase price of toys and renewals (regular)

- Cost of the veterinarian (if necessary)

- Cost of electricity  

     - special lighting (if necessary)

     - air purifier (if necessary)

- Carrier cost 

- Harness cost (if needed)

- Cost for maintenance

     - Filing accessory OR fresh to cut the nails, etc.

     - Maintenance accessory for cleaning the cage (if you put background paper, etc.)

It is essential not to neglect the toys, otherwise you risk seeing your bird suffer from depression, behavioral problem or health problem (not moving enough). It can also lead to pecking (it tears off its feathers), loss of appetite, destruction of your belongings, etc. You have to understand that it is a need to be able to destroy things, explore, etc. If you don't want this to be your kitchen set, it's important to give it what it needs.

You have a brief overview of the expenses to consider before embarking on the adventure. If you are still interested and well aware of the reality, you might be someone who can consider purchasing a parrot on the financial side.

However, there are still many other factors to consider before you start:

- Your financial situation and its stability

- Your lifestyle

- You like to travel regularly

- Are you in a house or in an apartment?

- Are you sure you want your whole life

      - Feed every day

      - Clean your cage regularly

      - Play with him

      - Endure his cries, bites, hormonal crises

      - etc.

- Do you have children or do you plan to have any?

- Do you have a spouse who shares your passion?

- Do you have health problems like asthma?

      - Tell yourself that in this case, several birds are already not made for you like the  

       African Gray, Orange-winged Amazon, Doves, Cockatoo, Cockatiels

       If you still want these breeds of birds, equip yourself with air purifiers and also

       air exchanger  

Question 2

Am I going to get bitten by my parrot?

Morsure perroquet

Let's say there's a good chance this will happen to you at least once. Maybe not strong, but he'll give it a try.  

We must distinguish between a simple warning from the bird:

- because he was afraid

- because he lost control of himself while playing

- because it tests the strength of its beak

- because the bird is in pain somewhere and does not want to be caught

Amazons sometimes have a bad reputation for biting. When they play, they are so elated that they end up biting very hard. This does not mean that the bird is aggressive or bad, but that something happened which caused this reaction. It is therefore up to you to assess what has happened in order to avoid this kind of situation.  

On the other hand, a parrot attack often results in a multitude of bites. The bird will even go to chase you. Remember that some breeds have the power to amputate a finger.  

Why does my parrot bite:

- Hormones

- You came sneakily  and quickly to him

- You put your finger in its cage (its environment)

- When you flatter him, you have hung a feather pike in shoot

- You are in your period

- You are in your ovulation

- You are pregnant

- You remind him of a person who hurt him

- You've already brutalized him

- You have already yelled at (he is afraid of you)

- He is jealous

- You take away his toy or something he has just found

- It protects his or her baby

- Blow on you

- You water it brutally

- etc

If you get bitten violently one day, you gain little fear of a recurrence. Will you be able to overcome your fears, your fears? If you have any doubts on this question, it is necessary to forget about the acquisition of medium and large parrots. Too often we have seen people who have heard and preferred to leave the bird in a cage rather than risk another bite.

Unfortunately, this can have consequences for your bird. He can start screaming, plucking, etc.

Question 3

Do all parrots behave alike?

Comportement des perroquets

Absolutely not

Each breed has very distinct behavioral distinctions.

Each breed also has different dietary needs, as well as a greater or lesser human presence depending on the type of parrot.

All parrots of the same breed can act differently depending on their education and their own personality.  

For example:

A macaw, although it likes to play and have the attention of its owners, can go a few hours without seeing them and without interacting with them.

On the other hand, a cockatoo is much more emotional dependent and the problems of screaming, pecking, depression are frequent in its species.

No bird likes to be overlooked, but some breeds are much more dependent

It is obvious that there are always exceptions in each of the races.

It is important to assess and learn well about the breed that best suits our lifestyle, our personality and our financial aspect. 

- Your work schedule

- Are you a person who likes to travel for a long time?

- Are you a nervous person?

- Do you prefer a calm, dependent, independent, playful, colleux, etc. bird?

- Can I have a noisy parrot (since I am in accommodation)?

All these questions should have been answered long before the acquisition of a parrot.

Sometimes also, a simple parakeet can talk, turn on its back, whistle, do tricks that other parrots will not do ... It's all about education, time, bird personality, etc.

Question 4

Do parrots require a lot of veterinary care?

Soins vétérinaires perroquets

This question is very relative, because for some it is and for others it is not.

The most common exams:

- The 4 disease test

- DNA test  

The DNA test if you are not breeding and if you do not care about the sex of the child, it will not be necessary.  

If you bring another parrot into the house, it is best to have it checked by a veterinarian beforehand (they will probably suggest doing the 4 disease test or having it quarantined).

A healthy bird at birth (good genetics, no inbreeding), protected from the toxic elements of everyday life, having good hygiene of itself and its environment, good nutrition, exercise, will not have without doubtless ever need vet care.  

On the other hand, you should know to be on the lookout for any signs (which may prevent having recourse to veterinarians)

- Plumage

If its blackened plumage maybe a sign of too fatty nutrition or  a lack of lighting

- Weight

Sickness, bores, dislikes his food, etc.

- Bites 

Hormonal crisis, lack of sleep, pain, etc.

However, at any time, if you have any doubts, consult immediately. A bird's health can deteriorate in a matter of hours, and too long a hesitation on your part can be fatal for it.

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